Alexi + David | Jerome Country Club Wedding Photographer | 06.10.17

FULL BLOG post straight ahead!! This was such a fun wedding and I was so happy to be asked to be apart of it! David and I have known each other for a few years from previous events so shooting his and Alexi's wedding was super easy. Alexi and David met at Alive After 5 in Downtown Boise. David loved the fact that Alexi had such a determination to accomplish goals. For their first date they went hiking. They didn't rush into getting married and enjoyed a courtship of 2.5 years when he popped the question. Alexi said "I love you" first after that the rest is history. He says she's the best cook between the two of them by far. I've had her cooking AND her baking and I would have to agree. She's stellar! How did they know they were first in love?  

'From our very first date, I noticed there was something special happening.  As we continued to date, we were inseparable, spending every spare moment together. So I wouldn’t say it was an instant, but something that grew from that very first date and continues to grow to this day.' - David

He likes Fight Club. She likes Harry Potter. He likes The Office while she digs on Friends. He loves ice cream and she loves fries. What do they love most about each other? He loves her determination and she loves that he is always helpful willing to go out of his way to make it happen. I am so happy for Alexi and David as they begin married life together!