Lauren + Casey | Boise Wedding Photographer | Idaho Shakespeare Festival

I am SO excited to share these two and their story of how they got together. Meet Lauren and Casey. I actually shot Lauren's sister, Meagan's wedding last October. I was SUPER stoked when she called me to ask if I would shoot her 2018 wedding. I was MORE than happy to oblige and CANNOT wait until her spring wedding in Washington. So, enough about that, let's talk more about Lauren and Casey and their story. 

Lauren and Casey met in their high school biology class. They had always been in school together since preschool, but never actually started talking until they got to high school. Casey needed some help with his homework and reached out to Lauren to help. Since the night Lauren got Casey's number, the text messages haven't stopped! Casey and Lauren did not start dating right away. About four months later, they started dating and weren't quite exclusive, but he had already told a couple people he was going to marry her one day. Lauren knew he was the one when he showed how much he loves her, makes her laugh daily and supports her in all her adventures. 

When they finally got to go on that official first date, they made it a hockey game. What made it even better, this was the official meet the parents pick up. Casey picked up Lauren and the meet up went quite well. After being on the way to the game, it FLEW by and was the beginning of many adventures together. Lauren and Casey dated for four years before getting engaged and will hit five and a half years together by the time they get married. Since they were younger when they got together, cooking wasn't really in the books and eating out was the go to, but sounds like Casey can make a mean hamburger meal. Since moving into their new first home together, Casey has been quite the whiz in the kitchen. Casey would say that Lauren is the best in the kitchen since she does most of the cooking. Lauren gives the credit to Casey for saying I love you first, but really she says it doesn't matter who said it first because as long as they say it for MANY years to come, that's all that matters. 

They have many favorites together, but also some differences. They both love chips as the go to junk food. She loves Twix, while he loves Payday. She loves "The Proposal" while he loves "Amazing Spiderman 2". He loves breakfast, while she prefers dinner. What do they love MOST about each other? 

Casey: I love Lauren's endless support and willingness to continually motivate me. She is my best friend. 

Lauren: I love Casey's fun loving spirit and his willingness to find the bright side in all we do. 

One of the favorite things that Lauren told me about Casey, was that he likes to write poems. She shared one of the first ones he ever wrote that was an indicator for her that they would end up together. 

You are my pride and joy. I love being that boy. That boy that is always there! The one that will always care! You are my dream come true! Couldn't live my life without you! You make my days so happy and free! I love the way that you love me! 

I would say these two are going to have quite the marriage and based on their engagement session, I feel that laughing is going to be a daily ritual.