Andrea + Tyler | Boise Wedding Photographer | 09.16.17

Andrea and Tyler are getting married today, so it only seems fitting to share a little bit about their love story and how they met. I have known Andrea and Tyler for a couple years from doing Christmas card photos in November 2015. I told them when they got engaged to be married, they had to let me shoot their wedding, jokingly. They became more than clients, they became friends. So here we are. 

Andrea met Tyler through her brother Andrew. She and Andrew lived together and because Andrew did a lot of projects with Tyler, he was at their house frequently, so Andrea got to know him and thought he was darn cute. She even says she was infatuated with him from day one. They went to the Caldwell Night Rodeo for their first date where they shared the love of country, beer and good times! 

They love being adventurous together whether it be RZR riding, boating, fishing, golfing, hunting, as long as they are together. She says he's AMAZING. He says she's FANTASTIC (and pretty much the best thing to happen to him). Tyler said "I love you first". They love each other today and everyday because of the best things about each other like Tyler being the person that would give his shirt off his back to help someone out or Andrea being fun and outgoing. They make each other incredibly happy and keep it light in all situations. I CANNOT wait to celebrate with these two today as they become husband and wife. 

If you want to see some of the action live, be sure to follow along on Instagram! Happy wedding day Tyler and Andrea!! 

Summer's GONE! | Boise Wedding Photographer 09.10.17

Hi friends! It's been three months almost since my last post and I can't believe where the time has gone! Luckily, with fall, it brings more fun to the blog as things pick up and get to share all the fun I've had over the summer. I just spent 17 hours in my car to shoot a wedding of Kaitlyn and Mike in Elmira, Oregon, which was STUNNING! 

Since summer is almost gone, but with that comes FALL, families, food and more weddings!! Can't wait to share all the fun as it happens, but to stay super current on all that's happening, be sure to follow me on Instagram! Happy Sunday friends! 

Alexi + David | Jerome Country Club Wedding Photographer | 06.10.17

FULL BLOG post straight ahead!! This was such a fun wedding and I was so happy to be asked to be apart of it! David and I have known each other for a few years from previous events so shooting his and Alexi's wedding was super easy. Alexi and David met at Alive After 5 in Downtown Boise. David loved the fact that Alexi had such a determination to accomplish goals. For their first date they went hiking. They didn't rush into getting married and enjoyed a courtship of 2.5 years when he popped the question. Alexi said "I love you" first after that the rest is history. He says she's the best cook between the two of them by far. I've had her cooking AND her baking and I would have to agree. She's stellar! How did they know they were first in love?  

'From our very first date, I noticed there was something special happening.  As we continued to date, we were inseparable, spending every spare moment together. So I wouldn’t say it was an instant, but something that grew from that very first date and continues to grow to this day.' - David

He likes Fight Club. She likes Harry Potter. He likes The Office while she digs on Friends. He loves ice cream and she loves fries. What do they love most about each other? He loves her determination and she loves that he is always helpful willing to go out of his way to make it happen. I am so happy for Alexi and David as they begin married life together! 

Andrea + Tyler | Boise Engagement Photographer | 06.19.17

Andrea and Tyler came to me a couple of years ago to have photos taken for their Christmas cards. It was great to have that session because coming back to me for their engagement session was a piece of cake. I will tell you, it definitely wasn't easy getting it scheduled. We had to reschedule due to sickness, not called for weather, work schedule conflicts and FINALLY the FIFTH attempt was the winner. This time we battled 100 degree heat, but totally worth it!! I had such a blast with them and CANNOT wait for their wedding in September. Stay tuned for the full blog of their session. 


I work a lot. I work a full time job and work part time shooting weddings, which ends up creating a lot of work hours and not enough time to slow down to take a vacation. Last year was a year of change and realizing that balance had to happen or I was going to burn out. I started maximizing vacation time to do things for me. I picked up more time for traveling, enjoying food, and spending time with friends that I didn't get to see on the regular. Thanks to weddings, I have had so many wonderful opportunities to travel, make new friends and experience things I would have never had the chance to.  Plus, I started to vacation. Next week, I get to head back to my favorite city EVER; Seattle. What are some of your favorite things to do, eat and experience while you are there?? Comment below! 


Alexi + David | Engaged | 11.13.16

In honor of starting a new site and having just shot their wedding, which I will share soon, I thought I would go back to the archives and pull their engagement session to share! I have known David for a few years now and have become friends with both of them. David worked a few weddings with me in the 2016 season as a wedding DJ, so when he got engaged and I got the email message that he wanted me to shoot his wedding, I was ecstatic. I am sharing all my favorites, which was hard to pick!! If you need a DJ, David is awesome! Check out his site

Starting over...

Frances here... I had been with a different website company for the past five years and didn't really do much to update or use it just because it had no ease of use. Then I found a new company that pretty much took everything and made life EASY! So welcome to the NEW and improved site that will allow me to keep it better updated for everyone! I love sharing my work, but with busy schedules, it definitely needs to be easy. Take a look around and please share the love! I can't wait to read comments, share more work and give you a little insight to my life. Thank you for taking the time to visit and I'll see you soon!